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Novae Cares Leadership

Creating a brighter tomorrow in our communities by serving the underserved!

The leadership of Novae Cares, Inc., a non-profit organization, understands what it’s like to come from humble beginnings.

That’s why every time someone enrolls for one of Novae’s programs, a percentage of that revenue goes toward resources to help support an individual or a family in an underserved community.

Take a look at some of the recent campaigns put on by Novae’s Reco & Shaneé McCambry and the Novae Cares organization.

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Novae Cares Leadership

Temporary Shelter Provided to Several Families DURING COLD WINTER

In celebration of Mr. Reco McDaniel McCambry Day in McDonough, GA on January 19th, 2024, Novae Cares made a donation to Henry County McKinney Vento, to provide temporary shelter to several families.

McKinney Vento is a non-profit that removes barriers to education for homeless students and ensure they have equal opportunities to succeed in school as housed students.

Novae Cares partners with other non-profit organizations throughout the year to further it’s own mission of by serving those in underserved communities!

D.A.W. Memorial Weekend Back-to-School Giveaway

In honor of Reco McCambry’s late mother, Deborah Ann Watson, Novae Cares hosts a back-to-school event each year the week prior to public school starting in Reco’s hometown of McDonough, GA called D.A.W. Memorial Weekend Back-to-School Giveaway.

As you can see by the accompanying video, Novae Cares provides hundreds of school supply bags for grade levels K – 12, some clothing and shoes, free haircuts and free hair braiding, free food, a video game truck, carnival like games for the kids and toys and other prizes for winners.

Reco and Novae Cares President Shaneé McCambry knows what it is like growing up in a single parent home, not having much before school starts. Now, through this organization, they can provide assistance that may allow for these children to have more than enough on the first day of school!

Clearing Lunch Debt for Hundreds of Students

In celebration of Mr. Reco McDaniel McCambry Day in McDonough, GA on January 19th, 2023 Reco and Shaneé McCambry personally drove to several McDonough, GA schools to deliver checks to clear past due lunch debt for a few hundred students that had been unable to eat normal school lunches since their payments had become delinquent.

The accompanying video explains the magnitude of this situation the students were facing and also what Novae Cares was able to do about it.

After receiving a proclamation from the City of McDonough in 2021, naming January 19th Mr. Reco McDaniel McCambry Day, each year Novae Cares, led by the McCambrys, does something to support individuals and families from underserved communities in McDonough.

The prior year, Reco & Shaneé ran contest for Elementary, Middle, and High School students to highlight personal heros they had in their lives and awarding classes with prizes and pizza parties and also donating money to buy school uniforms for a few hundred students that families could not afford it.

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Pictures from some of the events held by Novae Cares, Inc.